I made a HAProxy build with Debian-style config file because some of the haproxy.cfg files on my servers became really big.
HAProxy has an option to include multiple config files as a command line arguent, like this: haproxy -f haproxy.cfg -f haproxy2.cfg -f…etc.

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Percona’s XtraBackup is really good solution for incremental backups if small or large MySQL/MariaDB databases. Mysqldump is really slow and is not downtimeless.
In our case, we need two week history of every day. Every Sunday the backup will be full and the rest of the days, backups will be incremental, based on Sunday’s full backup. The backups will be placed in a folder named current_week. Every Sunday, the folder will be renamed to last_week and new, empty current_week will be created before the full backup.

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To work with the root user and ssh keys is a common practice in the Ansible community. Another variant is to use a “deploy” user with the same password on every machine.
Another option is to use Ansible Vault to encrypt the yaml files. or to use a password manager. It’s never a good idea to keep passwords, private keys and other sensual data to the source code repository.

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