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Some of my Facebook friends have enough free time to tepost stupid Facebook page images, Tumblr gifs and other crap. Others are just not clever enough. The worst is when there’s a new reality show on the TV, a new internet meme or “just-share-crap” trend. I don’t wanna be part of that. F.B. Purity helps me to filter the Facebook wall with more advanced tools than the standart FB options. It supports custom words blacklist. Mine is shared on GitHub. :)

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This year, on OpenFest 2013 I will talk about Ulteo OVD - Open Source Application Delivery system. The conference shedule was full and there was just a place on the Lighting Talks, but it’s enough. I will cover the core functionality and some words about the company which is developing Ulteo. It’s a good idea to invite the developers on the next OpenFest.

I have a working setup in the Francophone center of Sofia University, so it’s possible to show it as a demo from my laptop outside.

OpenFest is the biggest conference about Free and Open Source Software and “Open Mind” in Bulgaria. Each year international guests from big projects and companies are invited.

You can see the shedule and the address in the OpenFest site.

My slides are on GitHub.
Or a temporary snapshot here: http://dallas.petrovs.info/Openfest2013-UlteoOVDPresentation

Hope someone is interested :)

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